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Materials for Q1

5 years 9 months ago #1567 by Miken
Materials for Q1 was created by Miken
Hi everybody, newbie here. I am an electronics engineer by profession just venturing into aviation. Planning to build Q1 and hence was studying plans. I would be glad if somebody explains the different foams used in Q1, the plans which actually were meant to be used with the kit explain them just in colors - blue , orange, green. Got one topic here which described that blue foam is styrofoam-1.6 lb/cu.ft. But the rest is still a dilemma.
Ideas and support appreciated.

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5 years 8 months ago - 5 years 8 months ago #1571 by Edgar
Replied by Edgar on topic Materials for Q1
Hi I have been wondering the same and I have come up with these results,
Red 6 lbs/cuft
Gold/White 3.4 lbs/cuft
Blue 1.6 lbs/cuft (see note)
orange or green (urethane 210) 2.0 lbs/cuft

If anybody has better information please add it.
(Note)The blue foam is now available in a wide variety of densities. If I built one I would use a medium density blue foam like foamular 60 and use pulltruded rectangular carbon rods instead of the multiple layers of glass for the cap strips, much lighter and much much stronger than E glass and not too expensive, or you could even use S glass which is a lot stronger than the E, so you could use a lot less of it. On that same note I would use a lighter S glass and vacuum bagging with peel ply to glass the inside of the fuselage to once again reduce the weight. A quick look at Rutan Ezy plans would confirm the foam densities as I'm sure they would be the same. I would recommend getting a composities engineer to work out the loading if you differ from the plans.
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