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engine and prop questions

10 years 7 months ago #1265 by racethepilot
Hey Everyone! I recently got a Q1 with a honda generator engine. I was wondering if this engine needed to be changed. I got a gear reduction with the engine to raise the prop and was wondering if i should use that or change the whole thing. Any help is appreciated. Also, what size prop and what pitch should be used.

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9 months 2 weeks ago #1706 by Armilite
Replied by Armilite on topic engine and prop questions
Which Honda/Clone Engine & HP@rpm made would Help a lot to answer your question. While it Flys on 18 to 22hp it really needs 29.5hp+ for the 485 lb MTOW. The Reduction Ratio used & Prop Size & Pitch used also make a big difference. A Honda/Clone 460 Single can make 37hp@5000rpm.

Honda/Clone Singles & V Twins used for Aviation use!
1. Disable Governor.
2. Disable Low Oil Sensor.
3. Install Billet Aluminum Rod.
4. Install Billet Aluminum Flywheel.
5. Install a 34mm Carb, on Singles.
6. Install K&N Airfilter.
7. Install a better CAM .307 Lift+.
8. Install better HD Valve Springs & HD Pushrods, Locks, Keepers.
9. Install Head Milled for a higher 9.0-11.5 CR.
10. Install Bigger Valves for more hp.
11. Install a Tuned Header Exhaust
12. I would install the HD Needle Bearing Rocker Arms.
13. USE Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil
14. I would use all the different Ceramic/Moly Engine Coatings!

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