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Need Wings

13 years 2 months ago #1123 by mylittlemgb@yahoo.com
Replied by mylittlemgb@yahoo.com on topic Re:Need Wings
Okay first things first, I don't offer to sale things I can not produce. Second you forgot that you also need a 20 ton press to remove the mandrel. So on that note, I know how to make the spare and what is needed. What I do lack at this time is a true cost to produce the part,we are at this time working that out. Mr. Haiqu I understand you may know a bit about the Q's and this is great, but please understand you are not the only one out there. The groups are here for ideas and keeping these birds alive. I do welcome your input as well as everyone elses. But I do look forward to it in a positive manor. We have far to much time and money invested to not keep moving forward.
So that all who want to know we will not be using the Quickie name. When we are ready we will be letting the groups make a name for the new plane. Our second goal for the company is to support the Q's and Dragonfly's with parts and service support.

Thank you,

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13 years 2 months ago #1124 by admin
Replied by admin on topic Re: Need Wings
I warned you several times both in the forums and through e-mail to watch your tone with other users. I have decided to ban you from the forums for a few weeks, to give you some time to think about how to be a bit more encouraging to other users.

I want to create a constructive atmosphere here on the QBA website, and I appreciate input from all sectors of experience and knowledge. I have appreciated your input and particular expertise in certain areas, but I would like you to give other users (who you don't even know) a chance to provide input to the group as well.

I have spoken with Richard and Charles and I think they have a pretty good chance of being able to support the groups with hardware. Let's give them a shot, before we shoot them down!

Dan Yager
QBA Editor

Flying an aeroplane with only a single propeller to keep you in the air. Can you imagine that?

— Captain Picard, from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' episode 'Booby Trap.'

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