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Aileron is sloppy

7 years 8 months ago #1328 by TriQVair2
Aileron is sloppy was created by TriQVair2
When I bought my project a million years ago one of the first conditions I noted was that the left aileron was loose on the torque tube. I repaired the left aileron by installing an oversized precision fit bolt and continued the rebuild process. In the last year I have been doing some taxiing in between trouble shooting. I was ready to call the DAR until the other day I noticed the right aileron now has the same sloppiness i detected in the left one. Is this a problem other guys are having or is it unique to this plane and the previous builder? Have there been any updates to the aileron/torque tube attach plans? Thanks guys

hoping to be at a fly-in this summer


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7 years 8 months ago #1329 by Weps
Replied by Weps on topic Aileron is sloppy

I've read that a lot of these aircraft suffer from torque tube bolt hole "ovaling" over time, leading to sloppiness. Hopefully a builder with flight time will chip in with a fix.


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