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15 years 4 months ago - 15 years 4 months ago #679 by admin
Forum Etiquette was created by admin
The "Rules of Etiquette" for these forums are similar to the rules for the Q-list. (With some major improvements) ;)
  1. 1 - Include a signature tag on all messages. Include your name, location, aircraft type, aircraft hours flown, and e-mail address. You can add this information automatically to the bottom of each of your posts here in the forums by clicking the "My Profile" link after you sign in.

  2. 2 - State concisely and clearly the specific topic of the comments in the subject line. This allows members to respond more appropriately to your posting and makes it easier for members to search the archives by subject. Instead of discussing a new topic in an unrelated thread, consider starting a new thread.

  3. 3 - When you "Reply" to a topic in these forums, you no longer need to worry about the previous messages appearing in you posts. However, you can "Quote" someone by using the QUOTE button while creating a new post.

  4. 4 - Warn other list subscribers of lengthy messages either in the subject line or at the beginning of the message body with a line that says "Long Message."

  5. 5 - You may upload pictures, videos, and files directly into your posts here in these forums. There is no need to load them into a separate "file" area of the site. However, inappropriate files and pictures will get you banned for life. DON'T DO IT!

  6. 6 - Do not attack or threaten others on the list. "Spirited" dialogue can and should be expected from time to time but must be done with respect and concern for another's well-being. Remeber that the idea is to build safer airplanes, not beat up on each other.

  7. 7 - HTML coding is not allowed in posts. This prevents malicious individuals from ruining the forums for everyone. However, feel free to format your posts using the formatting buttons available when you create a new post

Thanks for listening. If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

Dan Yager

Flying an aeroplane with only a single propeller to keep you in the air. Can you imagine that?

— Captain Picard, from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' episode 'Booby Trap.'
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