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Q1 Plans Chapter 17 Page 17-13


Two push pull controls are included with the Quickie Engine Package. One is used for the carb heat control, and the other one is used for the throttle. It is suggested that you mount the knobs on the left side of the cockpit at the longeron waterline, by fabricating a bracket out of orange foam glassed on both sides and then glassed to th fuselage side.

At the carb end of the carb heat push pull control, the sketches show how to fabricate CH6, a clamp, to secure the housing. CH6 is a piece of 1/8” thick by about 1” square piece of aluminum. Take two CH6’s, put them together in a vise, and drill a .190” diameter hole from end to end. Next, sand about 1/64” off of each face that meshes together. By bolting two CH6 pieces together with AN3-6A bolts, as shown, you can clamp the housing between the two CH6’s and prevent it from moving around as you actuate the carb heat control.

CH5 is a bracket, made from 0.063” thick aluminum sheet, to hold the CH6 pieces. It is attached to the left side of the carb base with two AN5261024-5 screws.

When all of the assembly is completed, work the carb heat control several times to verify that there is not slack or excessive friction in the system.

Quickie CH6 Detail

Quickie Carb Heat Control Deatil

Q1 Plans Chapter 17 Page 17-14


The throttle push-pull control housing is attached similarly to the carb heat control. Mount the CH7 bracket to the firewall.

The original equipment governer control is retained to actuate the throttle control on the carburetor. As the sketch shows, the push pull throttle control is attached to the governor assembly. You may find it desirable to drill several holes in the governor assembly to allow for some variation in the knob stroke for full throttle/idle throttle variation. Once you determine a satisfactory stroke for you, secure the rod.

Quickie Original Equipment Governor Assembly

Quickie Throttle Installation Deatil