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Q1 Plans Chapter 17 Page 17-9


CHI and CH2 are parts of the Carb Heat Box, which you will make next. Both pieces are made out of 1.25” O.D. x .035” wall Aluminum tubing. CH2 is 0.8” long, and CH1 is 1.3” long.

CH1 must be drilled to accept the carb heat control shaft. There is enough material in the kit that if you error the first time, you can remake the part. Essentially, as the sketches show, you want to dr1l the hole so that the carb heat control can rotate inside CH1. The carb heat control is obtaired by removing the chok2 assembly from the carburetor throat of your Quickie engine. Be careful not to drop the screws into the engine; a magnetic screwdriver helps.

After you have drilled in the carb heat control shaft, remove the assembly from CHI and proceed to the next section.


Begin with a block of blue foam that is 2.5” long x 1.5” high x 2.0” wide.

Take CH1 and CH2 and press them .125’ into the blue foam, a shown.

Next, carve the blue foam down as shown so that the entire assembly can be glassed with 3 BID. Wrap and additional 3 BID around CH1 to beef up the carb heat control shaft holes.

Finally, pour gasoline inside to disolve the blue foam. Drill out the carb heat control shaft holes and install that unit with the arm on the left side (looking forward), and pointing forward and down with the butterfly open.

Quickie Carb Heat Box

Q1 Plans Chapter 17 Page 17-10


The Carb Heat Box is mounted directly to the carburetor using three AN3-16A bolts that screw into existing holes in the carb.

To drill the carb heat box for these holes, take the gasket off of the top of the carb, and use it to drill the four holes shown in the bottom of the carb heat box. The fourth hole is for the carb air vent and must be drilled, but no bolt is inserted. Looking at the top of the carb, you will see which holes have been threaded. Note that the gasket is positioned on the carb heat box bottom at an angle. This is so that the carb heat box will point forward since the carb is angled to the left somewhat. The other two holes in the gasket must not be drilled; otherwise an air leak will be present.

Quickie Carb Heat Box Installation Detail