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Q1 Plans Chapter 3 Page 3-15


Mix and work with your epoxy in a ventilated area. Some expoy/hardener systems may irritate your eyes (like cutting onions) in a poorly ventilated work area. If your chop is not ventilated, set up a small fan to move a small flow of air in or out. Do NOT hotwire urethane!


Drilling through cured glass tends to tear the surface plies on the back side. Backup a glass layup with a wood block for drilling as shown and drill at medium speed.

Quickie Drilling Cured Fiberglass

Using a small hone, grind the cutting edges of your drill bit flat as ahown (not undercut). This will keep the drill from grabbing into the glass. Don’t overdo it, just make a couple of light passes with the hone.

Quickie Hone Drill Bit

In several places rough cured glass surfaces occur where overlaps or thick buildups are done. These rough edges should be smoothed as shown using a grinder or sanding block.

Quickie Smooth Fiberglass Edges

The Dremel (Moto Tool) or Home Shop (Weller) is a very versatile tool with many uses in the construction of your Eze. The kits usually have a nice selection of bits, cutters, grinders, stones, and mandrel for every concievable use. The three types of bits shown here are the most useful for your project. Don’t throw the others out, your buddy nest door sight be able to use thea on his radio controlled golfball project.

Quickie Dremel Tools

Recognition of A Dry Layup

One of the most irportant things you must know is how to inspect for the presence of air within a layup. Air leaves somewhat crystal-like flecks of white areas, noticeably different than the white color of the microballoons. The presence of air is shown in the adjacent sketches in 3 forms: (1) A bubble or large void at the foam surface or within the laminate, (2) small, bubbles of air scattered throughout an area, or (3) inadequate filling of the outer ply. Make a layup of 3 ply BID in a 6-inch square over a scrap piece of foam, trying to achieve these 3 types of dryness. Let it cure with the defects. This will be a handy sample to use to instruct others who wili help you inspect.

Quickie Dry Layups