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The Green Video 

Clio Crop Care was a member of Quickie Aircraft Corporation's Dealer Network in the early 80's.  They're still running a crop dusting operation in North Carolina.  However, when they were Quickie Dealers they produced a 4-hour long video that shows all of the steps neccessary to build and finish a Q-2.  I call it the "Green Video" since it was made on a video camera that broke during the taping.  The broken camera caused a large chunk of the footage to be shot with a green haze.  I will be digitizing, editing and posting the entire four hour video on quickheads.com as time permits.

Time Lapse Videos of My Q-200 Repairs

Starting August 26th, 2008 I'll begin documenting the repair of my Q-200 with video.  I'll post a new Time Lapse video every Wednesday until I'm flying!  Each one minute long video will represent one hour of construction time!  Hopefully the Wednesday deadline will keep me motivated, and keep me making progress.  If I miss a Wednesday, please CONTACT ME and tell me to get back out in the garage and get back to work on my plane!