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Q1 Plans Chapter 20 Page 20-2


Next, you will need to Join LG12 with micro. Remember that the LG12 goes on the inboard face of LG10 (i.e. as you visualize the wheel pant mounted on the canard, LG12 is on the same side of the LG10 as the fuselage is). Leading edge and trailing edge marks have been included on the LG1O sketch to allow you to line up the pieces; basically, LG12 covers up the LG10 cutout. You may need to use some weight to hold the pieces to gether until they have cured.

Once that curing is accomplished lay the combination on the table with LG12 face down, and layup two plies of BID on the inside of LG12 allowing the cloth to lap up on the LG10 faces that surround LG12

Quickie Large Wheel LG10 and LG12 Detail

Now, you are ready to flag the UNI stiffener over the location of the LG4 inserts. Begin with a piece of UNI cloth 10” x7” with the orientation along the 7” edge. Flag the piece 5 times along the “7” edge(i.e. every 2”). Flagging consists of the following procedure:

  1. Fold the cloth over on itself
  2. Wet out the cloth
  3. Lightly run a new razor blade across the bubble
  4. Stipple the cloth down
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 as many times as needed. (5 times)
Quickie Large Wheel Pant UNI Stiffener Detail

While the layup is curing, take LG11 and layup two BID on the inside face (i.e. the face that will be inside the LG10 cut out when it is attached.) Roughly trim the glass so that it doesn’t extend beyond the edges of LG11, but don’t be concerned If you trim somewhat inside the edges. Flag a UNI stiffener to LG11 just like you did with LG12, remembering that the stiffener is on the side of. LG11 that will be inside the LG10 cutout when LC11 is joined to LG10.

While the LG11 layup is still tacky, join LG11 to LG10 with micro. Now, layup two BID tapes on the inside to join the LG11 glass layup to the LG10 glass.

At this point, you should have a sandwich, with LG10 as the core, LG11 as the outboard face, and LG12 as the inboard face.

Drill in the pulley hole with a short angle drill. If you dont have one, cut the hole with a small exacto knife.

Quickie Large Wheel Pant LG11 Detail

Next, the two LG4 inserts must be placed into postition after the previous layups have cured. Remove orange foam from LG11 and LG12 down to the inside glass layup in the areas on the LG11 and LG12 patterns which denote the locations of the LG4 inserts. Then use micro to permanently insert the LG4 inserts.

After these layups are cured, drill in the pilot holes for the axle with a long 1/4” drill. To do this, with the wheel pant laying flat on the table, drill through both faces, keeping the drill perpindicular to the pant.

The next step is to drill in the 1/16” diameter pilot holes for the brake assembly (BSW2). Use the template provided and carefully line it up with the edges of the wheel pant and the axle hole you just drilled. The pilot hole should be drilled on each side of the pant.

Important Note