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Q-Talk 168 - Nov/Dec 2014 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
Nov/Dec 2014
Issue 168

Hey Member,
Happy New Year! I trust you enjoyed the Holiday Season. As I've mentioned in the last few newsletters, this will be the last issue of Q-talk, ending a 32 year run of continuous publication. However, there is still much to do for the Quickie community . . . and I intend to use the "extra" time to complete a few projects I've been meaning to tackle.


New Year's Resolutions


First, you'll notice that Sam and I finished the "Better LS1 Instructions" and you can find them at the link below. Sam also took great notes while completing his wheel alignment, and these are included in this issue as well. Together, these created a 94 page MS Word document! So please look through the text and pictures and see if there is anything that should be corrected. (I would especially appreciate feedback from people who have actually constructed an LS1 Canard!) ;-)


As I've mentioned in previous newsletters, I am also working on dimensional drawings for all of the Q1 metal parts . . . and I will send another email to everyone as soon as those are completed. I should also have the upholstery drawings for the Q2 and Q-200 completed shortly.


So without further ado and fanfare . . . I would like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed something to the newsletter over the last five years that I have been editor. I simply could not have done it without you. Going forward, if you have something to share, please continue to send me text and photos and I will post them on the website for you. I look forward to working with all (and seeing many) of you in 2015 and beyond!


If you have any questions, please reply to this e-mail, and I will do my best to answer them. In the meantime enjoy this issue.


Again, THANKS and Happy New Year!


Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

The following contributors have had their QBA membership extended for FREE:

        • Kevin Sheely
        • Jerry Marstall
        • Sam Hoskins


Improved LS1 Instructions

Better LS1 Instructions


We combined text from the original QAC instructions, Q2 plans, and notes from Sam's recent rebuild to come up with greatly improved instructions for building the Q-200 LS(1) 0417 MOD Airfoil Canard with Carbon Fiber Spar. Please have a look and let me know if anything needs to be tweaked.


Click here to read more

Wheel Alignment 101


Sam also took great notes while performing the "David Gall Wheel Alignment" when the canard is still attached to your workbench. This is arguably one of the most important things you can do to improve the ground handling of your taildragger, and is a major tenet of the "Jim-Bob Six-Pack" of safety mods.


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Improved LS1 Instructions


Kevin's New Bird!

First Few Flights


Kevin Sheely has about 15 hours of flight time on his Q creation. Here he discusses how he lived to tell the tale of his first few flights by making sure everything was ready BEFORE tearing off down the runway!


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Flipping the Board


Jerry Marstall improved the safety and performance of his "belly board" by turning it 180° so that it opens at the back.


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Jerry's Belly Board

Odds and Ends from around the Web

From Around the Web

A barn full of WWII fighters for sale? Jim Masal sent me this link.

A Q-200 flight simulator file for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is available here. Just don't go out and paint your fiberglass plane RED based on this model.


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