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Q-Talk 167 - Sep/Oct 2014 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
Sep/Oct 2014
Issue 167

Hey Member,
This newsletter is a few days late. My wife and I just returned from a trip to Ireland, and I am starting to get caught up now. The good news is that she’s feeling well enough to travel again, so maybe you’ll see more of me in the coming years!


Beware of Bull!


Speaking of seeing everyone . . . It was fun to see the usual suspects (and several new faces) at this year’s Field of Dreams in Orange, MA. It’s always great to see old friends and make new ones, but it’s even better to see the community growing and thriving. (Check out Jim Masal’s write up below.)


In the last few issues, I have mentioned that this newsletter (at least in its current form and frequency) will be going away in January 2015. However, just to clarify, I want to use the “spare time” created by this change to keep the website going, make improvements to how we interact with each other, and increase the amount of information and materials available to people interested in building and flying Quickies. In addition, I would like to spend more time writing articles for magazines and other experimental aircraft outlets, to increase interest in the designs.


In the future, your $20 annual QBA membership will grant you access to the entire newsletter archive, and any new tools we develop. I envision the site being more "social," with easy methods to share videos, pictures, and text instantaneously! I am envisioning the Q-list on steroids, and I invite your suggestions!


Since the last issue, I have found a new host for the website, and I have begun updating much of the software running behind the scenes. (Did you notice the color change from red to blue?) Thanks to Jeff LeTempt, I also uploaded the entire Dragonfly Newsletter Archive and made it available for FREE! I am also still actively working on documenting the metal parts for the Q1 provided by Wayne Bressler, and working with Sam Hoskins to improve the LS1 Canard instructions.


If you have any questions, please reply to this e-mail, and I will do my best to answer them. In the meantime enjoy this issue.


Remember, "Together we build better planes," and newsletters!
But . . . It certainly takes a village!


Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

The following contributors have had their QBA memberships extended for FREE:

        • Mike Bergen
        • Geoff Sobering

The following contributor is a LIFETIME member so I have extended his LIFE for free:

        • Jim Masal

Field of Dreams 2014

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