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Q-Talk 165 - Odds and Ends

Kevin Sheely First Flight!

Kevin Sheely took a pile of foam and glass . . . and turned it into a flying machine! Congratulations on your successful first Flight! Kevin posted the following videos to the Q-list . . . Check them out! Nice First Landing!




To read more check out Kevin's Blog.


Lance Hooley sent me a couple of quick videos to show the progress he's made on his JetEZ project. He moved from testing the engine to taxi testing! Looks like he will be ripping through the sky in great haste VERY soon! Good luck Lance!

Turns Out That Template Does Exist

In the last issue we talked about how Sam had some trouble ensuring that his LS1 canard was built with the correct shape.

Well it turns out that QAC did create a template to help with that . . . I had just never seen it before.

Kevin Boddicker set me straight, and mailed the template to me. I have it scanned, and I will make it available to the group as soon as I get it formatted

Thanks Kevin

Coming Soon!

Wayne Bressler sent me all of the metal parts from his unstarted Q1 project. I will be making drawings of each of these and making them available to the group. I will also add them to the "Ultimate Quickie Package"

Sam Hoskins is almost finished re-building his LS1 canard. He took good notes (and photos) and I will include them in my effort to update the LS1 plans.

Stay tuned!