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Q-Talk 165 - Spring Fling 2014

The Spring Fling was held at DEH May 30,31 and June1, 2104.

We had five planes fly in and one based on the field. Paul fisher was going to be the first to fly in, but Hardie McDaniel beat him to the punch.

I was not at the field when Hardie touched down. Hardie gave me a call to confirm the he had the correct date. I did not get his voice mail until he was long gone, and he had arrived home.

Paul Fisher was next to arrive, again during my absence. He and Hardie made themselves at home while I drove to the airport.

Jerry Marstall was next on the list, fighting bad weather at home to get launched, but he made it!

We went to lunch and upon our return Sanjay Dhall the next to arrive. His longest cross country to date. He had a bit of unusual circumstances on his flight out, but I will let him expound on that.

Next and last to arrive was Terry Crouch. He had to work, so he came in the late afternoon.

After going to dinner, and Paul having his traditional peanut butter cheese burger, which he talked Terry Crouch into having, we all got a good nights sleep and arouse to a great morning. (Terry will think twice about ordering that burger again.)

I did some local flying, just to say I did fly.

We had Jon Swenson and Pete Stamper drive in for the day. The were full of questions and hopefully got some answers.

Hardie was the first to bug out Sat. morning, as the weather was predicted to get bad.

Jerry was next on the bug out list.

Sanjay made it out, after some minor wiring changes, in the early afternoon.

Terry and Paul stayed for lunch, but looked at radar during lunch and decided to make the move when we got back to the airport.

Jon and Pete stayed around and we did the usual hanger flying etc. They both left by early evening.

All flying parties and drivers in were home safe by night fall.

Hope we can do this again and get more pilots to fly their planes to NE Iowa.

A good time was had by all.

Kevin Boddicker
TriQ 200 N7868B 320 hrs
Luana, IA.