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Q-Talk 162 - Nov/Dec 2013 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
Nov/Dec 2013
Issue 162

Hey Member,
Well another year has passed! That's 31 years for the Quickie Builders Association. . . and 4 years that I've been you're humble narrator. Where does it go? Will 2014 be the year YOU finish your plane?


Happy New Year!


I want to take this opportunity to thank you all again for another terrific year, and wish you all a happy and prosperous new one! Thanks to everyone who contributed this year . . . I simply couldn't keep this going without you!


Speaking of contributing . . . I want to send a special THANKS to Sam Hoskins for not only contributing a great article on the repair of his buckled canard skin . . . but also for breaking his canard for us earlier this year! My understanding is that it was COMPLETELY for OUR benefit! Now we get to see him rebuild his canard and see how quickly a "DO-ER" gets back in the air. You'd be foolish not to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the experience of others!


As Sam rebuilds his canard, I will be compiling an updated set of Q-200 LS1 Canard Construction Instructions. This will hopefully bring together all of the many resources required in order to figure out what the guys at QAC "meant to say" when they sent out the plans. My first pass at this endevour appears below, and will be updated over the next few issues. Your comments, questions, and witty remarks are encouraged!


In case you didn't hear. . . QBA has a new home! That means Kerry and I sold our house and moved! So if you need to reach us by mail, the old address isn’t going to cut it anymore. Use this one instead:


The Quickie Builders Association
C/O The Editor – Dan Yager
444 N 4th Street – Unit 610
Philadelphia, PA 19123


I look forward to hearing from all of you, and I’m eager to hear what you’ve all been up to! So drop me a line any way you can get it to me!


Happy New Year everyone! Remember, "Together we build better planes," newsletters, and magazine articles!


Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

The following contributors have had their QBA membership extended for FREE:

        • Sam Hoskins
        • Sanjay Dhall
        • Reggie Clarke

Canard Crunch Repair


In 2011, Sam Hoskins served up a heaping helping of Canard Crunch (Repair) after serving an equal portion of nonchalance to his passenger!


Click here to read more

Sammy shows us how to Git 'Er Done!

The Q-200 LS1 Instructions are a mess!

LS1 Instruction Compilation


I got this sudden bug to compile all of the information to construct the Q-200 LS1 canard in one convenient location. I ended up with a big mess . . . but I will get it all sorted out over the next few issues of the newsletter! Hopefully? I appreciate Sam showing us how it's done!


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Sanjay Breaks 100 Hours!


Sanjay Dhall finished his first 100 hours in an airplane he built with his own hands. As pointed out by Jim Masal: This makes him a member of a VERY exclusive club! Congrats Sanjay!


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Sanjay's First 100 Hours!

Wasn't this bird for sale?

Reggie Clarke Tuft Testing


Usually, when someone puts their plane up for sale, they don't continue to test its performance. Reggie's a bit short on verbiage. . . so it leaves us wondering just what he's up to?


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Sam's Favorite Composite Fixer!


You can buy Sam's Favorite Composite Structure Problem Solver on eBay for CHEAP!


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