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Q-talk 157 - Odds and Ends

An Update from Richard Kaczmarek and F.L.A.P's.

With many hours and dollars spent we are just about set to re-release the Q1 with many safety modification to be revealed later. To help make this happen we had to expand our product line as well as begin looking for an investor (or investors.) To date we have teamed with the U.S. rep. for UL Power and have began creating firewall forward kits for the RV-12, Rans S-6 and the Super Pulsar. In the works right now is a firewall forward [rearward] kit for the Vari Ez and Long Ez. We are also working with Zenith and Renegade Aircraft for a redesign of their cowls on the 701 and the F-12 Comet.

Other projects in the works are a TriQ-200 for Bob Carroll, TriQ for Shane Gilmore, and our own aircraft so we may receive a FAA LODA for doing transitional training in both the TriQ and standard Q. Other projects in the shop include a Bowers Fly Baby, PA28-180, KR-2, and an Aero Mirage TC-2.

Needless to say we have a little bit of work for a company still working on a part time level. With all this going on it has made us understand what Steve at NV Aero has gone through with supporting the KR world. We have had too many things fall though the cracks and are working to fix these issues. But we're unable to make things happen overnight as we'd hoped.

In the meantime, I prefer if customers call instead of e-mail This may not be the norm, but it does help me to keep up with communications, and I prefer to have personal more personal contact.

So all that being said we are almost there and hope to be able to re-introduce a true 400 hr quick build kit for the Q1 by Oshkosh and hope to have the NEW Q2 by the spring of 2014.

Thank you,

New QBA Newsletter Topic Search Utility

As you might have heard, all 30 years worth of QBA newsletters are now archived online for current QBA members. The mother of one of my Navy buddies, who helped me archive all of the newsletters, also helped me fix up the Q-talk search utility originally created by the late QBA Editor Dave Richardson. You can find that here:

QBA Newsletter Topic Search

This new and improved index will allow everyone (even non-members) to be able to find newsletter topics quickly. (And hopefully encourage QBA membership.)

The "Page" referenced in the search results is for the printed and PDF newsletters.

The "Description" is a brief overview of what the article is about. (NOT the entire article.)

The "Read Online" link in the search results will work if you are a current member AND you are logged in. (Opens in a new window/tab.)

You can enter search terms, search by author, search by topic, or select Quick or Q-talk.

To see all of the Topics in the Database simply select "ALL" and then click the "Search" button.

Current Members can still search all of the online content (Including the Q-talk Archive) by using the "Search" box in the upper right hand corner of every page.

As always, I appreciate your feedback, so please let me know if this is at all helpful. I will continue to make improvements as time permits.

Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

Sliding Canopy Plans

I have scanned plans that were included with the purchase of my plane for the installation of the sliding canopy modification. I am not sure if you already have this information or not but I have attached the file for your use should you wish to include it on your site.

Thank you for maintaining this great resource for quickie owners and builders. It was very valuable in my decision to join the quickie family.

Jean-Paul Chevalier

You can download a copy of the Sliding Canopy Plans here.

[ EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks Jean-Paul not only for your kind words, but also your contribution to the group! ]