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Q-talk 157 - New Year's Weight Loss Idea

by Jerry Marstall

If your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, this may be what you are looking for.

If your Q is running at least one mag. and you want to lose 10-15 lbs, check out this website:


These are the new Lithium batteries.

For instance, the LFX-14A2-BS12, weighs in at 1.88lbs and they are quite small. A little pricey at $160.00, but my motorcycle friends tell me that their cranking power is awesome and they are suppose to last up to 10 yrs. Also, true deep cycle, which means you can drain them lower without damage.

Major drawback is Reserve Capacity. 14Ahr is not the same as in a lead/acid battery. I called the factory two different times and got two different responses. One told me that in Lithium batteries the real amp/hrs rating is about 1/3 of the lead/acid batteries, the other guy said about ½. At 1/3 that’s only 4.6A/Hr, not 14. Reserve Capacity is measured by how many minutes it can support 25 amps. In this case that comes out to be only 18 minutes.

Having dual electronic ignitions I want more cushion than that, even though I also have an Odyssey 680C 17ah battery onboard with supposedly 41 minutes of reserve capacity. Sure, the prudent pilot would reduce electrical power requirements to a minimum, but one never knows if there is sufficient Reserve Capacity in an aging battery until he gives it a try.

There is a lot of documentation on their website for those who want to pursue this weight loss program further.