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Q-talk 156 - Nov/Dec 2012 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
Nov/Dec 2012
Issue 156


Hey Member,
This issue is the 186th issue of the QBA newsletter since Robert Herd and Jim Masal formed the Quickie Builders Association in January of 1982! This issue marks the end of QBA's 30th year in continuous publication! How cool is that!


Those of you that have been here since the beginning, probably have a hard time figuring out how all that time could have gone by without much notice. But as you celebrate the holidays with your family at the end of this historic year, I hope you'll take the time to reflect on everything that we've accomplished together.


Perhaps more importantly, I hope you'll take the time to thank those fellow builders and family members who have supported you through all of those years, and the "bumps" along the path!


As builders look forward to the New Year, I hope you'll also look to a time when your own project will be completed and takes to the air. To help get your juices flowing, Bruce Crain sent me this beautiful shot of his Tri-Q flying formation with Jon Finley in his Q2. Kevin Boddicker snapped this photo while traveling with Paul Fisher over the mountains of New Mexico:


Bruce and Jon over New Mexico


In other news, the online QBA Newsletter archive is now complete! That means (as a paid member) you now have access to 30 years' worth of accumulated Tandem Wing knowledge. . . 24 hours a day . . . 7 days a week. . . from QuickTalk 1 through Q-Talk 156.


This issue is full of great technical articles just like the ones that came before it. That can only happen if you all take a moment to contribute to the newsletter, and add to our combined experience and knowledge. Again, as you hunker down for the winter, I hope you'll take the time to document the work you're doing and share what you've learned. I will continue to publish this newsletter for as long as you all support it with quality submissions.


For now, sit back . . . relax and enjoy this issue of Q-talk.


Remember, "Together we build better planes" (and newsletters.)


Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

The following contributors have had their QBA membership extended for FREE:

        • Harold Dirks
        • Bruce Crain
        • David Smith
        • Jerry Marstall

Burning Man 2012

A Quickie at Burning Man 2012


Not sure if this counts as a fly-in, but it sure looks like a LOT of fun. David Smith tells us what it's like to prepare your Q to fly into the desert for the annual Burning Man festival.


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Q2 Canopy Quick Release


Harold Dirks shows us how he designed and built a Canopy Quick Release latch for his Q2.


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Canopy Quick Release

Q-200 Autopilot

Q-200 Autopilot Installation


Jerry Marstall installed a Dynon 2-Axis Autopilot system in his Q. Now he really can get directly from "here to there."


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Elevator Roll Trim


Bruce Crain recently improved his Tri-Q's feel (and quite possibly its performance) by installing a roll trim device on the elevator control system. Testing is still underway.


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Elevator Roll Trim


Keeping Busy

The guys at FLAPS have been busy in 2012, not only creating replacement kit parts, but helping Q and Dragonfly builders complete their kits. Richard Kaczmarek provided the following update.


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Archive Complete


30 years worth of QBA newsletter are now available and searchable in the online archive. No need to flip through those paper copies anymore!

You have to log-in first!


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Air and Space


Q-Talk Back Issues


Back Issues of Q-talk are now available in the QBA store in PDF and Printed formats. Doug and Tom's Issues are available right now, and hopefully I'll be adding more in the near future. Stay tuned!


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