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Q-talk 30 - Nov/Dec 1991 - index

NOV/DEC 1991



by Jim Masal


gEEEEEEEEzzzzzzzzz Louise, this is a late one! Actually it's the first really, truly late one in our entire ten years. And that ain't the worst part either. Hmmmmmmmm, where do I start?

First, Christmas followed close on the heels of Thanksgiving (and is anybody ever ready for it?). Lots of action at work during those brief weeks, then I went to Miami and the folks for Christmas, THEN I came back and got hit with the damnable flu that's going around (hack, cough, hack, ...). And THEN over all that time I was mulling over a decision I had to make that I didn't wanna make: this is your last newsletter ... at least for a while.

Due renewals have been just dribbling in and I'm not in the mood to start hounding anybody. The guys who have renewed have nice things to say, and one common theme was: "I haven't had time to work on my bird this year, but I still enjoy the newsletter ...". The more I empathized with these guys the more I thought, "Just when in the hell am I gonna be able to work on MY bird???" I have a white yard sculpture in the backyard, a Rotax in a box, a desire to fly it again and NOW it's my turn.

So here's the deal. The Q-TALK has just dropped off the face of the earth until, say ....JUNE. Pretend I got hit by a bus. Sometime in June I will put out a newsletter with any change in plans and a production schedule for the rest of '92. Probably the rate will remain the same and I'll just fatten up the issues. We'll see. NOBODY LOSES A DIME. You guys who have already renewed, I will be returning all your checks uncashed. Give me some time. They should be back in your hands by mid-February. Meantime, don't anybody else send me any money until I let you know. Again, ALL YOUR BUCKS WILL BE RETURNED.


Disregard my comments above regarding interruption of service. Tom Moore has offered to keep the newsletter going for the next 6 months with a little help from me but not so much that I can't work on the plane.

Continue sending your tips, questions to the QBA address. All renewals WILL be processed. First newsletter for '92 will be out late February on schedule.




If you need back issues, T-shirts, pins, tie bars, Quickie plans or whatever, that will still be available. If you are going to Sun 'n Fun you should know that I already have forums scheduled for us, but nobody is going to hold you by the hand and lead you to them by the nose. This time you will have to be big adults, READ the program, LOOK AROUND once in a while, ASK a question, and you will find me just fine. I know it's Florida, but you don't have to act like a displaced person just off the banana boat, OK?

I'm not moving anywhere, so feel free to continue sending in your tips, project updates, photos, drawings, etc. I ain't coming back on line if I ain't got nuthin' to come back on line with, SEE? Also, you wandering Bedouin tribesmen who like to pick up your tents and move once a year should be certain to keep me informed of your new addresses.

This would be a good time for you to re-read all those back issues that you carelessly tossed in a pile somewhere. That would pass the time faster and believe it or not there's still some good stuff in those oldies. This would also be a good time to ring up a phone number in the roster and make a friend. And strange as it may be to hear me say this, if somebody out there has harbored a burning passion to write this newsletter, this would be a good time to do it. There's really nothing to it but time, and if you do a good job, I'll send you my twenny bucks and you can educate and inform me for a while. I won't be peeved, no kiddin'.

Finally, remember the note that Gene Sheehan sent to Sport Aviation about a year and a half ago - he's always ready to help a builder get his plane into the air. Just call.



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