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Q-talk 12 - Nov/Dec 1988 - index

NOV/DEC 1988



by Jim Masal


Warm wishes to you and yours on this coming holiday season. As the QBA closes out its 7th years of Q-builder support I look back with pride at your many accomplishments that we have all been able to assist through the pages of Q-TALK and our meetings at Oshkosh each summer. I know I moan and bellyache at you from time to time, but I know of no other builder's newsletter that enjoys such a wide base of support from its membership as ours. We make the effort and share thoroughly of our talents by correspondence, photos and drawings of our experiences and bright ideas.



You have never caused me to sweat for enough good material. We are a unique bunch of builders. We show the Christmas spirit all year long. I enjoy having you as my friends. Merry Christmas and a happy, productive New Year.




I'm making my list...I'm checking it twice...gonna find out who's naughty or nice! 1989 Dues of $20 are now payable for those of you rascals who are determined to continue. Since you have to write a check and lick a stamp anyway, I urge you to take a couple minutes and give me an annual progress report on your Q. CAUTION - If I haven't heard from you in awhile, this would be a very good thing to do otherwise you might find your check making a round-trip journey. Longtime QBAers know I will do some STRANGE things to pry information out. Ask around.

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