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QuickTalk 24 - Nov/Dec 1985 - index

NOV/DEC 1985



by Jim Masal

Greeting for Christmas and good wishes for the new year!

Absolutely amazing! When Robert Herd and I sat down over 4 years ago to cuss and discuss the need for a better builder support mechanism, we could hardly hope that what would become QBA and QUICKTALK would be going this strong this far down the trail.

Robert bowed out of this 2 years ago to pursue his dream house on a developing private airport south of town and so far has built himself a classy hangar which is far too big for his Quickie (he's trying to sell it to perhaps get something more "filling").

We got together last evening for some instruction on how to manipulate the program he designed to handle our member list and, being Christmastime, we did a little reminiscing. We did look back with a smile at all the joy and aggravation we started with the first printing of QUICKTALK; with pride and considerable gratefulness, we can look back at your support, enthusiasm and your friendship.

For myself, I am doubly thankful because I almost cringed when the job of editing and publishing this thing was dropped solely in my lap. I was certain I could finish that year out but nothing more. This is not a job that lends itself to "help" from the membership, but I got it figured out while getting encouraging letters from many of you. Thanks for taking time to write.

As another year draws to a close, I thank you for your patronage and goodwill, and sincerely wish you all the happiness that a prosperous and successful New Year can bring.



A year ago, I reported the closing of QAC and we were all in a quandary. Recently, a couple of builders complained that QAC wasn't answering their phone. I wondered if anything was up when, on the second day I tried, I reached Gene Sheehan in a mood to chat (about 50 minutes worth). He reminded me that with only a staff of 3 operating out of 2 different hangars, unanswered calls are likely to happen (What about a phone recorder, you suggest? That would be GOOD business, don't be silly!).

Gene says the appeal process on the judgment against QAC has stalled much longer than even they thought, and that his lawyers have been unable to find out where it is on the docket. This causes separate problems with the bankruptcy court, which wants to see some action from QAC. So far QAC has been able to fend them off and IS still in business and doing fine.

Sheehan talked at length about litigation in the U.S., he has good, current experience, and he also talked about another area of his good experience: Other engines for the Quickie (I do that in this issue too). Gene has learned quite a bit, so you experimenters are missing a bet if you don't try to give him a call as part of your quest. He told me he's interested. He also urged me to emphasize that you guys use EXTREME caution and patience if you're testing a new engine on an untested airframe; even more if you don't have experience in that type airframe. We do not need another test of composite crashworthiness to total destruction. We already KNOW it's amazing.

Sheehan says he's tested a Dawn Star Rotary and found it to be not throttleable; looked at the 2 cycles and found that the required prop does not match well with the narrow engine power band: "engine must be designed for an aircraft from the start"; asked for a Global to try, but they wouldn't give.

Summary: QAC is still out there in the desert, but you must be persistent.


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