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QuickTalk 17 - Q-TIPS

From Thayne Abbey/Denny DeHaven #2829

My partner and I came across any easy method of assuring a good fit at the BL 00 joint prior to glassing a wing. Locate the two BL 00 jigging templates on either side of the actual BL 00 line with a half inch or so separation as in the plans. This will allow a hot wire saw to pass down between the two templates. Use 2 carpenter's squares and position them like goal posts on either side of the wing at BL 00. Secure with cross pieces of lumber and Bondo.

Position one section of the BL 00 - BL 50 wing in the jigging templates at a time so that a clean cut can be made across the entire cross-section of BL 00. Make sure the wing is straight and level in the jig. Weight it in place and make the hot wire cut straight down along the carpenter's squares. This gave us a quick and perfect joint.

We left the "goal posts" in place during the jigging process as they made an easy eight check of the BL 00 position.

From Mitch Strong #2835

1. The problem of foil antenna breakage in areas of tension (i.e. bottom of canard) may be relieved by substituting copper solder absorbing braid in place of foil. According to an R.S.T. engineer it's available at most electronics supply stores such as Radio Shack.

2. A good tool for transferring curves from one surface to another is Alvin or Teledyne flexible curves, which I use in my job as a draftsman. This is a 5/16 in. square lead bar encased in plastic and comes in lengths of 12 to 40 inches. 24 in. is about $5 at most office supply stores.

3. I find the epoxy rollers save HOURS on big layups.

From Ron Thornton

1. I just discovered a product called "Armor All". It puts a real nice buff on the canopy without crazing.

I am still attempting to get the bugs out of my Konig engine. When I do, I'll forward some data to you. (We'll sure hold you to that promise! ED.)

From Manny Lewis #2394

1. To help insure proper alignment and fit of the axle, drill out to 9/16, wrap sandpaper around a half inch rod, push through both holes and ream to 5/8" size.

2. Cut slots in foam cores for wires, hydraulic lines etc. while hot wiring the cores by making appropriate cutouts in the templates.

3. After glassing aileron, elevator and rudder slots, wrap waxed paper around foam that was cut out of the slot and reinsert. This will help insure that the glass stays bonded to the foam.

From Bruce Meck #2498

Go-Jo Industries makes a Bondo like product that I do NOT recommend for jigging -- Black Magic Repair Kit. It doesn't change color as the hardener is added so it is hard to gauge the proportions and although it is supposed to be firm in a half hour, 24 hrs is more like it. Maybe. It may be good auto body filler, but it isn't adequate for jigging.

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