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QuickTalk 9 - ODDS and ENDS

Larry Weishaar (#2391) has informed us that he is investigating the building of the new Q2 canard using conventional glass spar caps. He said the spars would be appropriately strengthened and he would accept the additional weight. Naturally, Larry is looking for a sympathetic soul so he can peek at the new templates. Similarly, Larry has made substantial female molds off a Revmaster cowl and would be willing to make them available at a substantially reduced price. Contact: L.J. Weishaar, RR #4, Skyline Dr., Springfield, IL 62707.

Gary Goodrich (#2257) has shown us an easy and accurate way of testing the temperature of your wing or canard during post curing using adhesive tempstrips. The 1/2" x 2" strips can be stuck directly on the surface and have a range of 105 to 160 degrees in eight increments. As the canard reaches a given temperature, a special block on the strip turns permanently dark. The only disadvantage would be if you accidentally let the temperature become too hot and allowed the next increment to turn dark. A new strip would have to be used. An obvious advantage is that you are measuring the actual surface temperature, rather than the surrounding air. Accuracy is within 2 degrees. The Thermax Temp strips are available from Gary at $10 for 5 strips and a SASE. His address is 4600 Oakdale St., Union City, CA 94587.

Q-Craft of Southern California is offering a customer Q2 canopy cover for those overnight fly-in's. It is lightweight and waterproof with tie-down straps. The price is $40 plus shipping and sales tax (if any). Most colors are available. For a sample of the material, simply send a SASE. Shipping time is about five working days. Contact: Howard Meissner, Q-Craft, P.O. Box 2367, Mission Viejo, CA 92690. (714) 831-1368

John Touchet (#2164) found out that a manufacturer of stippling rollers (Bestt Roller Co.) is in his hometown. He says he can buy 9" rollers in quantity and the user can easily cut them into 3" lengths for the short roller handles. Cost would be $3.50 (including shipping) per 9" roller. Contact: John Touchet: 769 Bragg St., Fond du Lac, WI 54935.

Those Quickie builders who have considered the KFM 105 (40 HP engine) may wish to reconsider. Robert Godbe (#397) of Palo Alto, CA was informed by KFM that the factory is currently devoting full-time to the popular 107 engine and that projected plans of late 1983 for marketing of the 105 engine would probably NOT be met.

Also at the suggestion of Mr. Godbe, we contacted officials at the Terra Corporation. As you may recall, Terra is the manufacturer of the small 720-channel transceiver (model TPX-720), available in both a handheld and panel mount unit. If you purchased one of these units prior to February 1983, it is likely not to be up to spec. The earlier models had design/parts problems and Terra has developed a series of mods to improve the sensitivity and modulation. The best news is that the changes are covered at no cost under Terra's limited three-year warranty. (The only exception is an optional low battery indicator for the handheld radio.) To see if your serial number is affected, contact Terra Customer Relations at (505) 884- 2321 or write: Terra Corporation, 3520 Pan American Fwy. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107.

From our "We'll-Get-It-Right-Eventually" Department, the old subscription rates were accidentally printed in Issue #8. The current rate is $8/yr (U.S.) since January 1 still applies. Those members who renewed using the prior rates will have their subscriptions pro-rated (in your favor, of course).

You can order a PDF or printed copy of QuickTalk #9 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.