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QuickTalk 5 - Sep/Oct 1982 - index

SEP/OCT 1982



by Robert Herd

In retrospect, I had expected to start this issue with a boisterous report on the resounding success of our QBA forum at Oshkosh. Included would have been some gentle chiding for those of you that couldn't attend along with a review of the livelier topics.

It was not to be however, as Mother Nature had her own ideas. A sizeable group of 150 to 200 enthusiasts had arrived after battling the hot, muggy day and began noisily settling in at our tent. Jim and I had no more gotten through the first round of Howdy's and Glad-to-be-here's than the storm hit. The progression from bad to worse took less time than it does to describe it. It began with hard gusts of wind that blew the side flaps and made tying them impossible. As the intensity grew, the lights started flickering and unoccupied chairs were being blown down. Finally, the entire tent was shaking violently and it became obvious we weren't safe in there. The final decision was made when the blackboard at the front of the tent took wings and clipped Jim in the back of the head. A hurried order was given to abandon ship and people scurried to better cover. Total forum time: 12 minutes.

The next hour turned out to be a "frog strangler". The rain beat down unmercifully in thick torrents while the sky was a constant array of lightning. I felt sorry for those EAA members who ran back to their camps only to find their tents under water or long gone. Those of us staying in the dorms didn't fare much better as all the streets in town were flooded and travel was breath-taking at best. We were to discover later that several aircraft on the field had been flipped even with the strict tie-down policy at Wittman Field. Thanks for the courage shown by the QBA members that did attend and we hope next year's forum will prove a little "less winded".

Those concerned about the future leadership at QAC after the death of Tom Jewett may put away any reservations. It was rather clear at Oshkosh that Gene Sheehan has taken firm control as the new president of that firm. Although mention was made of Jewett's passing at the Q2 forum early in the week, the tragedy was played down, as expected. In fact, the majority of the events, including the QAC banquet, were clearly upbeat. It will be interesting to note what changes will be made at QAC under Gene's control. To be sure, there will be more problems facing him than before and we might possibly expect policy changes in the future. In any event, we wish him the best of luck.

Finally, please take note of QBA's new address on the cover. Our editorial office (my home) has moved to the Washington, D.C. area. It may help explain the delay of any correspondence for a while. Unfortunately, access to computerized help stayed in Lubbock and it will take some time to set up a new system. We appreciate your patience (but don't stop writing). I should mention that Jim is still handling the publishing chores in Texas so don't be surprised at the odd postmark.

Remember, fall is sneaking up on us, so it's time to make a big push on your project before winter socks in. Keep in touch.


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