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QuickTalk 5 - LETTERS

So sorry the weather stopped our meeting in #3 tent. It would have been a ball meeting builders and exchanging ideas. Maybe next time....

The Poor Man's Epoxy Pump ($15.00 p.p.) is a real buy. I have a $150 pump and a homemade scale, but neither one compares with the simplicity, easy use and cleanup as this buy from Canada."

Jack Dempsey (#279), Rayne, LA

"...Comment to beginning builders: The hardest part of glassing a Quickie is the first thing that you complete. Don't listen to the tall tales."

Gloria Adams, Quality Control Supervisor for William Adams (#528)

"As is probably true of many other Q2 builders, I have intended to write with my comments for QUICKTALK but have never taken the time to sit down and do it. I have, however, at various times made some notes while working in the garage. I enclose these for your information....

As noted by other builders in your last newsletter, the Q2 kit certainly does have some shortages of materials. I, however, would like to note that I received several yards more UNI than were required. It would seem that QAC could decrease the amount of UNI in the kit and give us 5-10 more yards of BID which everyone seems to need..."

Tom Gordy (#2151), Houston, TX

"....Am very impressed with the professional quality of your publication. Hope you can keep it up!

If you could request reader information on "Static Testing the Onan Engine", I'd sure like the information. This is a new one to me and fear making mistakes - particularly cooling, break-in RPM's and duration of running time. I prefer to do it on a stand than on my Quickie.

Also, any more tips on that damned "finishing" process which is driving so many of us crazy?

Rob Shellon (#10005-Can.), Nakusp., B.C.

"I tested the volume of my fuel tank by filling it with water, and this was prior to installing the canard. To my horror, the tank leaked into the foam and forward, as I had the tail jigged up high.

To determine the problem, I stripped the outside glass and then the foam down to the outside of the inside glass layers. Once again we filled the tank and found our problem. There were a few pinhole leaks where epoxy had not sealed the glass permitting the water (gasoline) to penetrate into the foam. In time it would saturate the foam leaving a poor set of circumstances!

Since I couldn't repair it from inside the tank, I painted the outside surface of the inside glass layer with epoxy and tested it once more and it is dry now.

As an observation, I wonder if a sloshing sealant should be used? How many flying bombs do we have?

Ed Edelstein (#394), Highland Park, IL

"...(In Issue #4) I wrote in to you stating that on page 4-4 of the (Quickie) plans the 5/16" diameter holes in ES6 as shown in plans aren't properly spaced to match the Onan engine, therefore suggest drilling upon installation. Probably due to space considerations you shortened this suggestion to "suggest drilling upon installation", leaving out the part about why drilling upon installation is necessary. If you merely print a raw suggestion to deviate from the plans with no reason listed why to deviate from the plans, why would someone be able to evaluate the suggestion on their own, with no substantiation....

Also, the necessity of editing suggestions that someone else signs their name to is a practice I am concerned about. If you must deviate from the verbatim suggestion perhaps you could put the deviation in parentheses or something so that we do not associate a builder's name or style of writing with your editing."

Chris Young (#469), Redding, CA

/As was mentioned in the personal reply to Mr. Young's letter, in order to gain a continuity in the area of builder hints, we feel compelled to retain a carte blanche on editing. Should a builder ever feel that his idea could be misinterpreted, we are more than willing to print corrections or updates. In the example above, since the problem could not be positively verified for all 500+ Onan engines, we could not ask builders to look for a problem, which might not exist on all kits. Instead of giving a lengthy explanation, we left the reason up to the builder's inquisitiveness. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Should a writer ever feel his issue could be confused, please ask us to state it verbatim and we will do so.-Ed./

"Building a Q2 is going to be a very full experience for me, and in many ways that I have yet to find out. I'm going in with a sense of trust that the part of me that gets so excited and is so in-love knows what it is doing. There is much to be learned. When I start thinking too far off in the future like what airport, will it pay for itself, etc. I am missing the point. Now I have just paid approximately $4000 for kit 1A and am looking for a place to build it, which in Sausalito, people say might be a problem. I say I just need one place.

Reading QBA tends to leave me with an empty place in my stomach. There is a fair amount of negativity getting vented, which is good. Sounds like a good laugh occasionally would also be in order. You are not buying Cessnas. You are after something new and exciting. Know it if you enjoy struggling. Be aware that everything that happens is really perfect, and with this awareness you will have a better chance of seeing it. Maybe that backordered part that hasn't arrived will give you a chance to say hello to your husband or wife again or maybe even take a vacation. A Quickie is not my ultimate goal in life, just a pleasant stop along the way.

I laugh a little now thinking about this thing getting published. I do have a good bit of the New Age in me along with being a computer programmer and retired physicist. Expect to hear more from me as I uncover more of this new reality."

Alan McFarland, Sausalito, CA

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