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Q-talk 84 - Nov/Dec 2000 - index

NOV/DEC 2000


GOODBYE 2000, HELLO 2001

by Tom Moore



Well there goes another year for the QBA, and in my book; 2000 goes down as a good one. I have a simple test for judging good years. If we had any first flights, it was a good year. 2001 looks to be good also. There are several guys already doing their taxi tests or getting very close to it.

For the QBA, 2001 will be an extra special year. Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the QBA and the newsletter. It would be interesting to know how many planes made it to a first flight due to the continued support of a newsletter showing up every two months since 1982. I know I would never have been able to keep motivated without receiving the regular motivational boost you get when the newsletter arrives. Getting a newsletter in the mail really kept me going. I would walk in the house and immediately sit down and read the newsletter myself. I really missed that enjoyment from seeing a new issue in the mailbox.

Back in 1995, when I had a chance to take over the newsletter, it gave me an opportunity to give back a portion of what the newsletter had given me. I thought at first it might slow my building down, but it wasn't the case. Doing the newsletter brought me in contact with so many more builders that it motivated me even more. I hope that I have accounted for a few first flights that may not have occurred if the newsletter had stopped.

These six years have been special for me, but it's time to pass on the torch. Dave Richardson has offered to take on the responsibilities of the newsletter. Starting with the JAN/FEB issues of 2001, Dave will be the new editor of Q-TALK. I don't think we could have found anyone more motivated than Dave to take over the helm.

This will give me an opportunity to write some articles about my plane that I didn't find the time to do. I hope the rest of you will make an extra effort to supply Dave with some articles. It's always an ongoing challenge of the editor to get articles, so we need to help Dave out and send in something. It doesn't have to be big. Take some time and look at your project and find a few items you could do an article on. Make a list of subjects you could write about and then select one and write about it. If you can send along a few pictures, it always helps.

Since this is my last issue to publish, I've taken advantage of it and put a picture of my plane on the back cover. I know that it would never have been there if it wasn't for this newsletter and the QBA members. Thanks go out to all of you who have helped out.

For those of you still hanging in there, KEEP BUILDING, IT'S WORTH IT!!!





This is your last issue of your current subscription for this year. It's time to renew for 2001. The rates are remaining the same as they have for the past few years. Please help Dave out by renewing early. Thanks.

$20 US

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There is a NEW QBA address for 2001

Send in your renewal to the following address:


3706 Vira Road

Stow, Ohio 44224



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