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Q-talk 73 - Jan/Feb 1999 - index

JAN/FEB 1999



by Tom Moore

I've always been amazed at the guys who finish their kits in a short time, or relatively short time. I've heard rumors about someone finishing a Q-2 in less than a year. These guys are special, but they are few and far in between. Another rumor is that these builders are mutants, freaks of nature, or possibly aliens from another planet. They arrived here for only one purpose, to get their hands on a Quickie, but that's an editorial (or maybe a book) in itself and I'll save it for another time.

These builders performed a spectacular feat. They built these airplanes quickly. How did they do it? They most likely had a job! They probably had a family, well in the beginning at least. The most amazing thing they did though was build these planes quickly with the QAC plans. I think that in itself can be considered amazing. To me, the biggest obstacle to finishing quickly is the plans. They leave a lot to be desired when you're trying to get something accomplished.

One of the benefits that we have, coming along behind these guys is being able to look at their planes seeing what the plans are trying to tell us. That is the biggest reason why I publish the builder roster in the newsletter. I'm hoping that you guys will call around and get together to see each others project or preferably a finished plane.

There are so many benefits to being able to see a particular area of another plane that you are going to be working on yourself. Being able to snap some pictures and take them back to your shop will make the plans seem almost simple, well at least understandable.

Another good asset these builders have developed is hindsight. I know that since I have finished my plane, uhh excuse me, I mean, now that I am flying my plane. (As they say, you never really get finished, and that is very true with my plane.) Anyway, looking back on my project I would certainly have made some changes that would fit the way I use the plane. Find out what would be done differently if they were to do it over.

The builder's roster is now organized by state. This should make it a little bit easier to find other builders in your area that you can contact. Every one of the guys who has finished their plane knows what kind of struggles you are going through. They are willing to help, all you have to do is give them a call.

Keep building, it's worth it!!



Sun 'N Fun is just around the corner. I know that most of us have had a fairly mild winter but you know that a few days in Florida would do you good. Think of the warm spring-like weather and a chance to get a glimpse of the new aircraft for 1999 as they are unveiled.

The SUN 100 race will be held on Monday, April 12th. This is a 90-sm-triangle race similar to what we run at Ottawa. If you're taking your plane to SNF this would be a good chance to show off the speed and efficiency of your Q.


SUN 'N FUN Hot Dog Roast

On Monday evening we'll have the 2nd Annual QBA Hot Dog Roast. This will be held in the camping area wherever our hosts, Dave and Susie Richardson, set their tent. It should start around 6:00 p.m. This year it will be an ALL YOU CAN EAT/DRINK (soda) for $2.00. That's a deal!! We will have directions for you at the first QBA forum. Also check the flight line for directions posted on the prop of my plane.

There should be the usual two QBA forums scheduled for this year. The first is normally on Sunday, the 11th, at 08:00 a.m. This is early so set your alarm clocks. You will need to check the forum schedule for the time on #2. See you there!


DRAGONFLY rights sold

SlipStream Industries, who is owned by Mike Puhl, has reached an agreement with Viking Aircraft to acquire the rights to the Dragonfly. Mike will be opening shop in the Wisconsin area. It will be interesting to see what the new owner is going to do with the plane. Rumor has it that there may be a O-200 option in the works.



March 20-21

The Mountain States Canard Wing Fly-In will be held on March 20 & 21, 1999 at (uncontrolled) Avra Valley Airport, 25 miles northwest of Tucson, Arizona (well away from any Class B airspace!). Saturday morning forums: (Emergency Desert Survival, Performance Props, Vinyl Fuselage Graphics, Structural Epoxy and Pilots Workshop), free BBQ lunch (donations cheerfully accepted), afternoon checkrides, recreational flying and an Awards dinner on Saturday evening. Please plan on attending. More info available at the Mountain State Fly-In website at http://www.si-inc.com/dragonfly/AZFlyin/



If you haven't gotten a new Aircraft Spruce catalog for 98/99 now is the time. They are giving them away FREE. Just give them a call at 1-800-824-1930 and they will send you one. They are even paying the shipping costs. Even if you don't order anything, this is a great reference book.


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