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Q-talk 64 - Bent C Antenna


I have redesigned the Bent C antenna to make it easier to build. The performance is the same. Enclosed is the new drawing. The connections at the center are difficult to see but basically the center conductor and shield of each coax attach to opposite sides of the copper on the printed circuit board. That is, the shield of one coax and the center conductor of the other coax both attach to one side. An ohmmeter connected between the antenna elements should show an open circuit until the coax shields are shorted at the 17-inch location.

If you wish to trim the 90-inch tuning stub for best performance, you must watch the two small peaks at 123 and 133 MHZ. The objective is balance these two peaks. Start with 92 inches or so and trim about 1/4 inch each time.

Steve Whiteside, Ringwood, NJ

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