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FOR SALE: Q2, FAA approved, never flown, mat'l cost $14,651. Has NAV/COM, intercom, ELT, Xpndr, strobes, Imron by Corvette body man. Hanger #14, Mojave, CA. Offer. (805) 252-0801, (818) 367-5432, R. W. Wright, 29060 Lotusgarden, Cyn Ctry, CA 91351

FOR SALE: Complete Q2 project, including Revmaster eng, both wings finished. Cockpit has been joined and cutout for the canopy. Project includes all plans, cutouts, jigs, table and material supplied with the kits. Excellent workmanship. Inspected by RAA. Asking $5,000 (U.S.) negotiable. Please call (519) 352-XX91 (Chatham, Ont. Canada)

WANTED: Flying TRI-Q with C-85, C-90, O-200 or Subaru, no VW. Completed aircraft only, no projects. Terry O'Neill, 791 Livingston St., Carlyle, IL 62231

FOR SALE: Brand new Scott Swing TRI-Q conversion kit complete. In perfect condition! Original price was $1970. I'm asking $1500 with Matco wheels and brakes or $1000 without. Make an offer. I'm reasonable. Mike Hunton (219) 534-2900 - IN

FOR SALE: 2200 DQ engine. It has one cracked cylinder head and cylinder barrel. Call or write. Manny Lewis, 4 Berkley Square North, Scotia, NY 12302-4211 (518) 399-8614

FOR SALE: New original Q2 prop $100, rough unfinished Q2 prop $35, Q1 wheels and brkes $35. Contact Bruce Brown, 632 Margart Ln, Bayou Vista, LA 70380 (504) 395-7289

WANTED: Used Quickie - Contact Mike Vendetti, 18705 Walkers Choice, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

FOR SALE: TRI-Q200 - 150 hours TTAF $15,000. Call Bob Stark (904) 769-7067 - FL

FOR SALE: Q2 80% complete, 65 hp Revmaster engine. Fastidious work so far! All remaining parts needed to complete the project included. Bill Bensinger, 8684 Island Dr S, Seattle, WA 98118 (206) 723-9693 eves. (206) 667-4933 office

FOR SALE: Q2 kit complete, 0-time Revmaster, oil filter, vac pump, stainless steel exhaust, drum and disk brakes, 50% complete, no time to build. $8,000. Pat Myers (608) 582-4541 - WI

FOR SALE: Q200 Parts, etc., 4" prop ext (SAE1), 2 HAPI ultracarbs, electric fuel primer, O-200 engine mount, top cowl, Jeppesen airway manual binders, Plantronics headset w/PTT and BNS, 20+ yrs Sport Avia., Aviation Consumer, Flying. John (505) 281-0969

FOR SALE: TRI-Q200 - 0 time O200 by certified mechanic, LS-1 canard, air frame 95% complete, std. instrument panel. $15,500 invested. Call Jack Moritz (503) 648-6007

FOR SALE: 18 HP Quickie 105 mph. Origi. Q upholstery option. Trailer, road ready. 15 min. assembly time at airport. 100 hrs TT $2500 as is or $3000 when canard work and inst. panel finished. Gunnar Rambo, Rt 1, Box 208B, Winnsboro, SC 29180 (803) 635-3655

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