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Before You Fly


This Page is a collection of SAFETY INFORMATION.

Please read these articles CAREFULLY before
attempting any first flights, mods, or repairs.

"I Thought Better Of It"
by Sam Hoskins

I don't normally link to outside websites, but I recently read Sam Hoskins most recent blog post. Sam broke his canard on his way to the FOD fly-in August 2013. He has spent the better part of a year getting his bird ready to fly again. What I think is interesting is when a pilot decides NOT to take to the air when things aren't 100%. Sam casually says in this post that "He thought better of it" but the point is . . . he stayed on the ground until all squawks were repaired. The desire to fly was probably overwhelming . . . but his professionalism overrode his enthusiasm. Again, there is a lesson to be learned here.

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Quickie Flight Training
by Simon Wilson

They do things a little differently in the U.K. and perhaps they do things a little better. I'll let you be the judge. Please read this great article by Simon Wilson who is a Quickie Flight and Tech counselor in the United Kingdom.

Even if you can't reach this "gold standard" of flight training in your home country, it should give you food for thought before flight testing your new creation.

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Suggestions For First Flight
by Paul A. Fisher

Paul A. Fisher has over 1400 hours in his Q-200. When he takes the time to write an article called "Suggestions for First Flight" newbies (like me) should take it seriously. Perhaps these should me be more than just suggestions?

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Sparrow Strainers - Yes, You Need Them
by Charlie Johnson

There are a few unique control devices that appear only on tandem wing aircraft. One of these control devices is a "Sparrow Strainer" on each of the elevators.

Yes. . . They're ugly. Yes. . . They add a bit of drag. No. . . You shouldn't attempt to fly without them. Charlie Johnson explains how they work, and why they are neccessary.

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Reflexor and T-tail
by Gary McKirdy

Gary McKirdy is a flight and tech counselor in the United Kingdom. In this article he discusses two more control devices that are unique to Tandem Wing Airplanes, namely the "aileron reflexor", and the "T-tail."

These devices have a huge impact on the trim of your aircraft. Please use them with caution, and read this article, so you'll have more time to become familiar with them.

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Jerry Brinkerhuff's Fatal Accident
by Sam Hoskins

Our good friend Jerry Brinkerhuff died on October 6th, 2011 on the third flight of his Q-200. Sam Hoskins (a high time Q-200 pilot) wrote up the accident report. His findings include pilot, ergonomic, and rigging issues.

Please read this article before attempting to test fly your new homebuilt. Do not repeat these mistakes. The life you will save is your own.

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Not Learning From Your Mistakes!
by Greg Gomez and Gary McKirdy

This article is important to read if you are a low time pilot, who simply wants to buy a Quickie because it is cheap, or simply because it looks cool. The article was written by a pilot who purchased a "ready to fly" Q2. He proceeded to take off on his first flight in type, from a high altitude airport, on a hot day, with full fuel. . . AND an unsuspecting passenger. Gary McKirdy plays "Devil's Advocate" and questions some of the thought processes that went into this disasterous flight attempt.

The pilot and passenger were lucky to escape with their lives. When you read this article, ask yourself if any of these thought processes sound similar to the ones in your own head!

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U.S and U.K. Accident Data
by Mike Evans, Simon Wilson, and Dan Yager

We've compiled a list of accident reports from the U.S. and U.K. databases and provided links to all of the pertinent information. This information is provided, not to scare you, but rather to help you keep from repeating the mistakes of others.

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