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Tri-Q Tail Modification

At some point in the conversion process it will be necessary to modify the tail assembly. If your airplane has been completed as a tail dragger, you will need to cut off the tail spring in line with the trailing edge of the rudder. Some grinding and bondo work may be needed for cosmetic clean up.

Pull the old rudder cables forward enough no allow a fuselage clean-up where the cables exited the sides. Align and drill with a 1/4" snake drill bit (12" long) new rudder cable holes in line with the rudder bellcrank horn. Insert and flox in place a piece of 3/16" nylaflow tubing long enough to clear the rear most bulkhead.

Re-route the rudder cables through the nylaflow and check for proper alignment. Do not connect cables until everything else is completed. You then can adjust rudder peddle position by shortening or lengthening the cables. Once this is finished, attach the cables using the AN-115-21 cable shackles, AN-100-4 cable thimbles, the 18-2-G nicropress sleeves. Check for full rudder travel.

Tri-Q Tail Modification