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Tri-Q Elevator Hook Up Modification (If Needed)

When you removed the anhedral from your canard, the center elevator pivot was moved down which then'made the hook up of the Q2CSA8 more difficult. We found that with the old system (single control old canard) the control rod could be bent enough to allow attachment and full movement. We were not so lucky with the new canard or new dual rod system.

If your main fuel tank has not been installed or if it has but you do not have the center arm rest installed, you could modify it with a tunnel to allow the two push rods to fit and move freely. If your tank is in and it would be to difficult to do this modification there is another way of hooking the system up but it requires a few extra parts and a few more dollars. You may order the parts yourself through Aircraft Spruce or you can let us know and we will send you them for the cost of the materials plus shipping and handling.

2 ' 1/2" x .035 Aluminum Tubing
1 1/4" x 1" x 4" Aluminum Bar Stock
2 F347-14 Rod End Bearings
2 AN 490 HT8P Rod End Threaded
2 AN 970-4 Washers
2 AN 970-3 Washers
1 AN 4-10A Bolt
1 AN 365-428A Nut
1 AN 3-25A Bolt
3 AN 365-1032A Nut
2 AN 3-7A Bolts
4 AN 960-10 Washers
You may already have some of the hardware such as nuts, bolts, and washers left over from the kit.


Elevator Control System Modification