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Tri-Q Brake Assembly Installation

After the canard has been made flat you can jig your rudder peddals and brake assemblies in place. This is done according to the plans except for the addition of the brake peddals, master cylinders, and plywood bottom pivots. When jigging your rudder peddals, keep in mind the extra room taken up by the brake peddals over by the mag box. The brake peddals simply slide over the rudder peddals and holes are drilled in the rudder peddals to allow cotter pins to hold the brake peddals in place. The master cylinders are bolted in place on the brake peddals, then swung down to the canard so you can mark the spot for the bottom plywood pivots inboard of the master cylinders. These pivots are 2" in front of (toward firewall) the center line of the rudder peddal pivots. Sand the area where the pivots will go. Flox the pivots in place and glass 2 BID onto the canard like the rudder peddal pivots were done. Trim the hole and bolt the master cylinder in place. Adjust the brake peddals so you can actuate the rudder peddals without applying brakes but close enough to allow easy application.

Brake Installation

Sand about a 4 inch wide strip on the canard where you will be mating it to the fuselage. Install the canard as per original instructions.

Canard Installation