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Tri-Q Weight and Balance

With the Tri Q installation, empty weight CG will shift to the rear. It is therefore important for each builder to establish a new empty, weight and balance, for their aircraft. On the prototype Tri Q, we re-located the battery from mid tail cone area, to the baggage area (approx 36" forward) to obtain the correct weight and balance.

It should also be noted that the seat station is incorrectly positioned on the weight and balance section of the flight manual. We found that the actual CG of the pilot and co-pilot seats were at least 4" aft of the indicated location. Net result is that the actual CG of a loaded Q2/Q200 is about one inch aft of calculated CG. This could, and in some cases does, place a loaded Q2/Q200 aft of the CG limit. If at all possible, you should weigh your Q2/Q200 both empty and with pilot/co-pilot in position to correctly identify your CG.

The following will aid you in calculation of your CG.

 NOTE: The Datum line in a Q2 is 14 inches in front of the firewall.


Tri-Q Weight and Balance