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Q-talk 135 - May/June 2009 - index

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May/June 2009
Issue Number 135

Spring Fling 2009

It was May 1st and I was excited about leaving work early on a Friday afternoon to attend the annual Tandem Wing "Spring Fling", hosted this year by Kevin Boddicker. The problem was, as I walked out of the building, it was pouring down rain! Not a great start, but at least I was out of work! By the time I got to the airport, it was just sprinkling and it looked better towards the Northwest (towards Decorah). I fired up and headed off and the weather, as predicted, got better all the way! It was a little lonely since my Q-200 was all alone on the ramp for much of the afternoon, but that would change by Saturday morning.

Friday evening we sat around the airport and swapped stories with the local airport bums (including one state trooper). After we figured everyone had arrived for the evening we went into town for some great burgers. My only concern was a rather large woman (both tall and wide) that was wearing a blue sweatshirt with large letters that said "Decorah Wrestling". I'm not quite sure what she was advertising, but I was a visitor in town, so I figured it wouldbe best for me to keep my mouth shut and eat my dinner!

Saturday morning, we had four Q's, a Tiger Moth, a Citabra, an Emerude, a SkyMaster, and other associated planes on the ramp. I even heard on the radio while I was in the pattern "What's going on in Decorah today?" Apparently the locals aren't used to that much radio traffic at the normal quiet Decorah!

The one thing we didn't get was any Dragonflies. There were several Dragonfly builders sharing pictures of their projects and swapping experiences. I'm very curious why Dragonflies don't seem to make it to these events any more.

But we did get Terry Crouch in his award winning Q1, Kevin Boddicker in his beautiful Tri-Q200 with a newly re-built wheelpant (apparently the old wheelpant was a runway light magnet), and my 19 year old Q-200. Bob Clark came in with his Tri-Q200 and it looked brand new. Apparently he had rebuilt his engine, built a cooling plenum, added an Earnest Martin cowling, and repainted it. All since the fly-in at Beatrice last fall! Wow he works fast! Some people take years to do that much work... but I won't mention Sam's name! ;-)

There was also a parachute group in town for the day giving tandem jumps. Nobody in our group signed up, but we did notice when they arrived the jump plane emptied its passengers before it landed. As they were preparing to return to their home base, they explained to us that "pilots hate to jump, and jumpers hate to land". Apparently, even on cross country flights, these guys would rather jump than land with the airplane! They guys are just as weird as we are!

For people with finished airplanes, these events are just an excuse to fly. But these events are invaluable to those that are still building. Throughout the event there were numerous huddles of people sharing pictures, asking questions, and studying the example aircraft. If you haven't made it to one of these events, you owe it to yourself to get to one. First it gives you a chance to get your questions answered, but secondly the shot of motivation you get is tremendous. As Kevin likes to say, flying is way more fun than building!

The Decorah airport is managed by Mike and Ava Connell. Mike has just about every rating there is, including A&P, so he is a wealth of knowledge. And Ava always seems to have a smile on her

face! They were great hosts. There was a local band practicing in the hanger Friday night (the band just needed a place to practice, but we thanked Mike for scheduling them just for us!). And on Saturday, Eva served a terrific lunch in the airport office. These are genuinely nice people that were truly happy to share their airport with us. If you are ever in Northeast Iowa, stop in at KDEH. Oh yea, Kevin Boddicker has his Tri-Q200 there too, so I suppose you should also say hi to him while you are there to!

Submitted by:

Paul A. Fisher - Tayler Ridge, IL

Q-200, N17PF ~1380 hours, 19 years!

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Three Q's stalking an RV at the Jean NV fly-in.

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