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Q-talk 130 - July/Aug 2008 - index

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July/Aug 2008
Issue Number 130



AirVenture 2008

Great Weather - Great time.

It was a terrific week for me and my son Dylan at the "big" show in Oshkosh. We had three Q's show up and they didn't include the normal staples of Paul Fisher and Sam Hoskins. Paul decided to skip the hassle of AirVenture arrivals and he drove in this year with the family. Sam was also in attendance, but flew an antique to the show for a friend. He blamed yours truly on not having his Q200 at the show and for the "condition" his Q200 currently sits in. (See Sam's blog for progress reports at: http://samhoskins.blogspot.com/ ). Somehow, when Spudly and I offered $100.00 prize for anyone who could go faster than Sam at this year's Tandem Wing Fly-in, he assumed we would have takers and it would take major, major modifications to his already fast airplane to succeed and rebuke those who would challenge him. As it turns out, his changes will not be ready for this year's Field Of Dreams Fly-in making the challenge a mute point (Thanks for protecting my money Sam!) Needless to say, Sam didn't get to participate in this year's AirVenture Cup race where Klaus Savier rode tail winds to a staggering winning speed of 258.51 MPH!

Those that flew in included Michel Moreau from Montreal, Canada. It was his forth trip to the big show and he said it might be his last as the stresses of the eight hour trip wears him out.

Parked not too far from Michel was the Tri-Q200 of Jim Kisthard. On his way from Red Lodge, Montana to AirVenture, Jim passed the significant milestone of having flown his airplane for 1000 hours. His airplane proudly displayed this honor from his prop.

During the QBA "Type Club" meeting held at the Homebuilders HQ, Jim discussed his efforts to make his Q a real "2 place" airplane ever since moving to Montana from Iowa City. Jim flies from a mountain runway that is only 3600 feet long and he says he has to contend with high density altitudes and generally takes off from this runway only in the direction which runs "down hill". He has made some modifications to his engine to the point where he may be ready to start taking passengers again. I'm working on getting him to tell me what these mods were, so I can report on them in a future issue of Q-Talk.

Also in attendance was Bob Last from Morgantown, West Virginia who again camped next to his Q200.

This years' QBA Forum was held at the Homebuilders HQ building on Thursday morning. This venue served our group much better than the afternoon competition with the air show in a building meant for a much larger audience. A head count indicated 25 were in attendance and the only thing missing was some coffee & donuts. We'll fix that next year.

After the meeting we all gathered at the Quickies parked nearby and continued the hangar flying.

A surprise sight at this year's AirVenture was that of the AMSOIL Racer which was on display just inside the old entrance. The placard indicated it had been on display at a bar in Reno and had been recently donated to the EAA museum after the bar had been remodeled.


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This might not be a good day to fly.

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