Q-talk 126 - Sam Hoskins to do his own make over!

I'm getting ready to do some major mods, so I made a final flight to capture some data and to buzz around a little, prior to mothballs. I regret that it will not be ready in time for a January 1 flight, which I think always starts the year out right.

I'm trying to map out the curves for my existing electronic ignition, so I tried to capture a couple of data points for every inch of MAP from 14", on up to 28". I'm not ready to publish that, but here are some of the other basics. Just the facts, ma'am..

Hobbs 1,672.1 hours 4,000 ft. OAT 35F

Wide open throttle 3008 RPM 27.9" MAP 225 mph IAS

For a reality check, I then flew the four cardinal headings with wide open throttle, then inputted them into an online true airspeed calculator found here:

http://spot.colorado.edu/~beale/TrueAirsp eed/TrueAirspeedCalc.html

The numbers I collected (in knots) from the GPS:

North ground speed: 182 South ground speed: 172 East ground speed: 183 West ground speed: 170


True airspeed =176.6 knots =202.99 mph plus or minus 0.2 knots Wind: 232 degrees at 8 knots

So I got back, drained the oil and called it a day. I hope to be back in the air in four or five months.

Here are a few things on my list of mods:

-Dyno D180 -ICOM Com

-ICOM com

-Panel dock for my Garmin 196Map

-New composite oil sump

-Switch to full Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) by Removing my Klaus' electronic ignition and use the RWS system similar to the one used by Lynn French.

-Add 2" extension to prop

-Major shape changes to cowling.

-Several airframe clean-ups

Regards, Sam Hoskins Murphysboro, IL

Sam also sent me a document that he is using to see how he might arrange things under the cowling. I have included the Power Point document at the QBA web site in the Members Only pages. Here is a photo showing how he made a "ghost" out of the cowling to see what was underneath.

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