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Q-talk 140 - Mar/Apr 2010 - index

Q-talk Newsletter
Mar/Apr 2010
Issue 140

Hey Member,
Call me optimistic, but based on the traffic statistics I see on the new website I’d say that The Quickie Builders Association is headed for an extended period of membership growth.

The map below shows an overlay of traffic sources since QBA went 100% digital in January 2010. As you can see, the site has received over 13,000 visitors from 110 countries, and the numbers have been steadily increasing.

I believe we have an obligation as members to share the experience we’ve gained, and help new builders overcome some of the obstacles and challenges they face. In an effort to help keep QBA growing I’d like to lay out some ideas I have to help us share information, and of course, get feedback from you about it.

First, from the map it’s clear that the majority of visitors come from the United States. However, it’s also clear that people from around the globe are interested in the Q designs. My thought is that there might be a language barrier here. How can you help? If English is your second language, perhaps you could help us translate some of the information on the website into your native language. This would definitely be a help to other builders who might be struggling.

Second, I would like to put my programming skills to good use and provide the Q community with better tools to helps us collaborate. How can you help? If you have an idea that would make communication more effective, please send it to me and I will do my best to implement it. For example, would you find it helpful to get e-mails when someone responds in the forums? Tell me what you think. I love feedback.

Third, some tools have already been implemented, but they sit unused! Egads! How can you help? Well, don’t just sit there with your music still in you, post a classified ad, write an article, e-mail me a picture, drop me a postcard, or join the discussion!

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you! Yes, even YOU! LOL!

Remember, "Together we build better planes" (and websites.)

Warm regards,
Dan Yager
QBA Editor

Back to Basics: Measuring Epoxy

Have you ever looked at your set of plans and come to the realization that they seem to missing a lot of detail? Measuring Epoxy is just one area that I think deserves a bit more detail. In this article I tell you how I do it. Quick and simple. No mess and fewer cups.

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Metal Parts Drawings

The Q2 and Q-200 metal parts drawings that I created for Dave Hertner at Effectus AeroProducts Inc. are now on sale in the online store.

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Video Tutorial #3!

I created a new video tutorial that expands upon Bruce Crain's article from the last issue. In this exciting episode I show you step-by-step exactly how Bruce wrote his article and got it published on the site!

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The classified ads are now fully operational, and there are lots of Quickies and Q parts to be had. If you've got a hangar full yourself consider turning them into cash. Post your own classified ads with photos!

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Magazine Archive

Mike Dwyer dug through a pile of old magazines and located some gems from a more innocent era when we honestly believed our planes would cruise at 220 mph. Check out Mike's submission to the Magazine Article Archive.

Homebuilt Aircraft - March 1984.

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Cardboard Quickie

In yet another vast departure from the plans I decided to build a Q using only common card stock. Build your own and help QBA grow!

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Q-talk Back Issue Archive

All of Sue and Dave Richardson's back issues of Q-talk are now available to members in the Q-talk Archive. Next I'll start working on Doug Humble's issues!

Well. . . His Q-talk back issues anyway!

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Errata - One Small Oversight

The Q-2 and Q-200 template sheets I had for sale in the store were missing the phenolic parts layout on Sheet 2. They are now complete.

However, if you previously ordered a set, please e-mail me your order number and you can download the "fixed" version.

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