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Hour 86 - More BONDO Removal


In this video I continue to remove BONDO from inside the cockpit on the left side.  We've almost got it prepped so that the main tank can go back in place (if I ever finish it!)

I'll have more information about the construction of my main tank in Issue 140 of Q-talk.  That issue comes out at the end of this month so stay tuned.  Current members of the Quickie Builders Association have access to the full construction video, instructions, and a full sized template that will allow them to make a main tank of their own.

Become a member, and you'll have access to all this in Q-talk Issue 139 found in the online newlsetter archive!  Or you can just stay tuned for the next few months and see me build the rest of it here for free!   Undecided 

As always I invite your feedback below, or in the forums