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Q-talk 135 - What's in Your X-country Q Emergency Kit?

Someone was admiring the photos taken during a recent cross country trip by Jon Finley. Noticing the rough terrain Jon had flown over, a question arose on the Q-list about what was in Jon's survival kit. Here is how Jon and Mike Dwyer answered this question.

I generally always carry the following:

1. First Aid Kit - fairly largish one.

2. 5 Emergency blankets - the aluminum foil ones (I never figured just one would do me any good).

3. Fire extinguisher

4. Box of Granola bars

5. Bottle of water - small-ish soda size

6. Portable Water Purifier- the small, light straw type

7. Flashlight - small one

8. Handheld COM radio.

9. Handgun

Things that I probably ought to add are:

A. Matches

B. More high energy food

C. Flashlight - self powered type

D. Batteries (for GPS and COM)

E. SPOT (or some other PLB/Satellite phone (if really in a remote area))

F. Bug spray (good idea Mike!)

Jon Finley Los Lunas NM

I had a couple of those aluminum foil blankets for several years. I went to use one and the foil stuck to the other foil and when I got them apart all I had was clear plastic left... I guess that stuff has a shelf life.

My kit has:

1. Survival knife with hooks and fishing line, compass.

2. Bug spray DET is the only stuff that actually works.

3. 2 Foil blankets

4. 2 Butane lighters

5. 1 Boy scout cooking container (holds most of this list)

6. Some rope

7. Anti bacterial cream

8. Sun Block

9. Some granola bars.

10. Some bandage material.

11. Multi tool.

12. LED flashlight

13. SPOT (Personal Satellite Tracker)

I need something to make and purify water, would prefer to use salt water. Got'a find that.

Mike Dwyer Tampa, FL


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