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Q-talk 142 - Sams Aux Tank

by Sam Hoskins
Left Side of Aux Fuel Tank

[Edito'r Note: Back in late July, Jon Finley asked the Q-list about an article that was written a few years ago about the Aux Fuel Tank that Tom Moore built for the baggage compartment of Brad Olson's Q-200. As usual, someone quickly chimed in with the correct answer. Sam Kittle replied that it was Q-TalK #38 page 9. Even better, Sam Hoskins sent me some pictures concerning his own aux tank installation, and a quick rundownof how it was created.]

Mine holds 9 gallons and slips in and out in a matter of minutes.

Aux Fuel Tank Removed

First, I made a Cardboard Tank that I knew would slip in and out of the baggage compartment.

Front of Aux Fuel Tank

Then I used the cardboard pieces as templates to create a tank of the same size using clark foam.

Right Side of Aux Fuel Tank

I then plumbed a vent to it from the ships pressure vent system. . .

Aux Fuel Tank Strapped In To Place

. . . and plumbed fuel through another facet pump and fuel filter located near the new tank.

Ratcheting 1/8

Next, I floxed four plywood corners in the floor of the baggage compartment, to hold the tank in place.

Aux Fuel Tank Installed

Finally, I strapped it down using two of these 1/8” rope ratchets: http://www.amazon.com/Rope-Ratchet-Down-1-Pack-10001/dp/B0009PGVEK

Aux Fuel Tank on Q-200 Main Wing

[Editor's Note: When I asked Sam a follow-up question he provided me with a link to the system schematic he drew up for the Q-list. I’m posting a copy of it below for your convenience, but the original is located here:


Aux Fuel Tank Schematic

This group is AWESOME! Where else can you get quick detailed answers like that!]