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Q-talk 97 - Checking In with Headquarters

Checking In with Headquarters

Bruce Crain - Enid, Ok Enclosed $20 dues for Q-Talk. You and Susie are the best! Thank you both for your great contributions.

Philip Loux - Cleveland, GA "The Wall" article was great. Thank you for all your work.

Dennis Clark - Burnsville, MN I now live in the frozen north! Thank you for your efforts in publishing Q-Talk.

Larry Hamm - Park City, UT Thanks for the great job you're doing on the newsletter, and thanks for making it easy to renew our subscriptions on the Internet!

Glenn Hocken-berry - Carlisle, PA The best $20 I ever spent in aviation. Thank you. Will be going to Orlando April 4-6 for a seminar. Before making my airline plans, didn't know if anyone needed help at Sun 'n Fun. Sure do enjoy the newsletter and all the research and experience that has gone into Q-Talk.

Robin Nash - East Sussex, England Not much to report since last July, I'm afraid. However, since speaking to other builders/fivers over here, I have decided to abandon the plans for toe brakes and go with independent 'finger" brakes that they all seem to favour. I have also noticed that many of the aircraft are fitted with sparrow strainers adjustable for distance from the elevator and angle. I've yet to decide about this. My sparrow strainers may, I feel, be more effective since they are currently mounted mid -elevator span instead of on the inboard ends. I would welcome some feedback on this from anybody who has tried mid-span devices. My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Many thanks. I'll try to send something of interest to publish soon. Keep up the good work!

Al Bruggink- West Bend WI Here is my renewal for '03. I bought a different engine for my Ql, a Global Twin. I don't know much about the engine, (no manuals with the engine,) so I am looking for information on it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Bill Butler - Mundelein, IL Thanks for the fine job.

Bob Polander - Washington, PA Nice job, Dave. Keep up the good work.

Jim Porter - Madison, AL Infinite thanks for your efforts in producing a very important newsletter.

Bill Van Sice - San Antonio, TX Thank you. Keep up the good work.

Kurt Van Dyke - Coco, FL Good inspirational message on last newsletter. Was that meant for me?

Stu White - Caledonia, MI Well, another year has passed - no progress on the Q. I have been busy finishing the lower level of our condo. Will start again in about a month on the bird. You do a good job on the newsletter. Thanks.

Adrian Weigart - Cupertino, CA Please put me down for another year of Q-Talk. The Quickie is getting more and more dusty, except for one wheel pant I rub against getting to my '63 Mercury Monterey Breeze-way. Keep up the good work.

Sam Kittle - Angels Camp, CA Thanks for another great year of Q-Talk. The QBA really helps me stay focused on my Q-200. I am nearly finished with my LS-1 canard. Someone on the web-site last week said the LS-1 is easier to build than the GU. I must be doing something wrong.

Igor Mokrvs - Alberta, Canada A happy New Year! I hope to close a chapter on some completed stuif this year and move on with other unfinished projects - one of which has been gathering dust in the basement for 20 years. And I better finish it before the consequences of another attack on Iraq come home to roost. It was very quiet in the skies last time around! Thanks for the great job as an editor of the newsletter. It's always a treat to read them. You were right about "the wall ", right now I am struggling with point #2.

Doug Brablec - Libertyville, IL My life has been busy with most of my time spent 1200 miles from my Tri-Q200 N120ID so I have not flown much. Enjoy reading each issue though, and they keep me hoping that someday soon I will be able to put more hours on "ID" and maybe then I will have some stories to contribute. Keep up the good work.

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