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Q-talk 95 - Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground

Jim Patlllo Fremont, CA

When you rotate and take off in your Q for the first time, there are two things to keep in mind. When flying solo in the two-place Q's, be prepared for the plane to roll to the side you are sitting on. If you sit in the left seat, for example, expect a gentle to significant roll to the left after you break ground. Don't overcorrect. Just give enough right aileron to level the wings. The second thing you want to remember is that you do not need to pull back hard on the stick once you take off. The elevator is a very effective control surface and a little bit goes a long way. If you pull back too hard, the nose will want to point to the sky and it will make for a very short flight. So keep in mind that you should prepare to roll toward the center of the aircraft and ease the plane into the climb.

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