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Q-talk 95 - CockPit Paint

I have had great success with Plasticote trunk paint for eight years in my Q. Here are a couple of suggestions for application. First, clean the surface. Then use a primer that will match the base colour of the trunk paint.

Purchase two cans and paint the hard to reach areas first because as the can exhausts itself, it will only work in the vertical. Put less rather than more on. The primer will provide the covering and protection. The trunk paint produces the texture and pattern. You can give the high wear areas additional protection with a low gloss/matt clear coat, which Plasticote also makes.

This stuff is great. It is light and you can touch it up at the hangar without lugging the spray plant to the airfield. It hides a multitude of sins, for those of us who are card carrying sinners. You can wipe it clean and it is highly abrasion resistant.

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