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Q-talk 153 - Odds and Ends

What’s Obvious to You . . .

OK, I know I’m spending a lot of newsletter real estate asking for more article submissions. For those of you who are still hesitant, because you think you have little to offer in the way of innovation, here’s some food for thought. Submitted by Pat Panzera (through Sam Kittle):


Supersonic Biplane

When I saw this article I was half expecting to read about Sam Hoskins or Jim Patillo. As it turns out you can reduce the sound level of a sonic boom with a biplane configuration. Keep at those speed mods fellas:


Big Muddy Race Results

Speaking of Sam Hoskins and fast biplanes. . . Sam won the Sprint class of the second annual Southern Illinois “Big Muddy” Air Race on June 9, 2012. His race average speed was a blistering 210.46 MPH! Way to go Sammy. Full race results can be found here:


Q-crash Excel Spreadsheet

There was a problem with the link to Mike Evans Q-crash Excel spreadsheet. Apparently you can’t link directly to Microsoft’s latest document types without them blowing up in your face. I created a ZIP file and linked to it instead. Mike put a lot of time and energy into making the spreadsheet easy to gather information from. The link should be working now. Feel free to have a look:


Q-tube is Down. . . Temporarily?

We had over 52,000 video views on Q-tube recently. This is great news. . . except for the fact that the $500/year server that the website is hosted on couldn’t handle to system load. So I either need to find ways to reduce that load. . . or find ways to pay for an even better server. So far, nobody has used that “DONATE” button in the upper right hand corner of the site. . . In case you were wondering. :-)