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Q-talk 152 - Odds and Ends

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Below are some interesting tidbits from around the web, that people have submitted over the last couple of months. Enjoy!]

David Gall sent me a link to a video that sows a drill bit that can drill SQAURE holes:


Pretty cool!

John TenHave sent me a link to the RV Facebook page, where they discuss the FAA's role in ensuring flight safety. We can either shepherd oursleves or have the FAA step in with greater restrictions. Food for thought before you attempt to take to the air in something you've created:


Mike Dwyer uploaded a video from a recent flight to Venice, FL to Q-tube. Great video with lots of GPS info attached:


Pat Panzera will be uploading all of the DRAGONFLY newsletters to one of his websites soon and making them available for FREE!

Stay tuned, I will provide a link on the website as soon as they become available.