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Q-talk 34 - ODDS and ENDS

CHENG SHIN TIRES - Latest news from Jim Fletcher is that these Q-2/200 replacement tires can be purchased directly from Desser Tire and Rubber Co. of Los Angeles. Tire and tube are sold as a set for $27.00. Call (800) 247-8473 and ask for Steve.

The AIR AND SPACE SMITHSONIAN magazine for Aug./Sep. features a nice snippet of info about the "mad monk" EAA chapter at Edwards AFB in Mojave. Newly formed, this chapter includes as member Scott Horowitz, Tri-Q builder (tho not a QBAer) who was recently chosen as a NASA astronaut. The Tri-Q was a centerpiece of a photo on page 12 surrounded by chapter members. Bravo Scott and Chapter 1000!


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