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Q-talk 30 - MISH MASH

*** I have the tri gear mounted in the fuselage now. Big chore getting it in. What I estimated at 6 weeks to do took me 6 months and I'm not done. Gene Cash, CA *** Didja know why a doctor spanks the hineys of newborn babes? To knock the peckers off the dumb ones (just kiddin' ladies, mebbe it was the other way round). *** #2035 is still going slowly. We work on it irregularly ... every time your newsletter comes we get renewed hope. John Granzella, CA *** Burma Shave *** If you recall, I purchased the Tri-Q that belonged to Bruce Wood of Houston, N89WW. I'm going to install a Terra Com radio and transponder but I'm getting conflicting advise on using ground plates. I've been told I should use a 24" circular piece of 6060 aluminum directly connected to each antenna. I only have room in the rearward section of the fuselage for one plate. How are others grounding their antennas and what antennas work best? (I don't have the built in antennas on this plane.) David Williams, Box 829, Ingram, TX 78025 *** Pilots, mark your calendars for June 12-14 when the EZ guys invite us to their second national affair now dubbed the National Canard Fly-In at the Johnson County Industrial Airport in Olathe, KS. Contact person is Terry Yake, 8904 W. 6 Terr., Overland Park, KS 66210. Jim *** Tentatively block out late Sept. for a joint Dragonfly/Quickie Fly-In likely in Ottawa, KS. Details as planning firms. Jim *** Spies tell me that one of the most famous of QBA Quickies was destroyed recently - N1V. New owner Bud Starnes was flying this aircraft when apparently the Onan's front bearing seized. Bud didn't quite make the runway and, we are told, did a neat sequence of cartwheels that destroyed the aircraft but left him mostly unscathed. N1V was the aircraft, which taught us many lessons of the Onan installation through the Anderson/Little articles during the early days of the QBA. ED. *** It is good to say that after a lapse of about a year, I am now working on my Q-200 project in earnest ... I have to thank the wine and cheese social event, and in particular John Wirta for his infectious enthusiasm. Lance Talcott, MN *** Due to illness I will not be able to renew my medical and must sell my Q-200 and Grumman Yankee. I have enjoyed working on my Q-200 and hope someone will purchase my kit and finish my project. Walter Newton, OR *** Thanks for help on this issue go out to Jon Finley, MT, who scanned several typed letters not done in my format and Harry Buskey who typed up some handwritten stuff for me. It was a big help in keeping this more late than it already is. ***

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