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Q-talk 14 - QUICKIE-NEWS

Great news! In mid-March, Tom Solan finally logged some time on his Global powered Quickie. Not so good is that it climbs like a pig out of ground effect and he had to make one circuit just above the treetops at what felt to him to be just above stall. Very gentle turns! Tom is operating off of a 5,000' paved strip near Atlanta. He's tried both Warnke and Sterba props with no great improvements to the 2700 static rpm and 2900 airborne at 90 mph top. The Sterba prop is a 48 x 30. Tom says the engine appears to be running very strong and that taking the carb/filter off and leading a ram air tube to the carb improved his static about 150 revs. He does feel that his extended cowl cheeks that fair into the fuselage is giving him better aileron response than we were experiencing with the Giles Global Quickie. More as testing continues.

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