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Q-talk 8 - TAKE NOTE!

SUN 'N FUN AND THE QBA: The Sun 'N Fun show opens on Sunday, April 10th. I have reserved 2 meeting times for QBAers out on the flight line at the Homebuilders Corner facilities. 10 am Sun. and 11 am Mon.

New QBAers should be aware that Sherman Hanke still has a Q-2 construction videotape (reviewed in an earlier QUICKTALK) available for $100. He's added some new stuff to the 6-hour (WOW!), betcha-can't-watch-it-all-at-once video. P. O. Box 422, Clio, SC 29525.

Ben Owen who is EAA's Executive Director of Information Services sent me an information packet on the Quickie/Q-2 that they have put together for inquisitive members. Very impressive! I didn't know EAA would do that. It has some basic info from company brochures, references to Sport Aviation articles that relate, and even a print of FAA accident report summaries. An excellent overview for the prospective builder/buyer.

You can order a PDF or printed copy of Q-talk #8 by using the Q-talk Back Issue Order Page.